NVIDIA Studio Driver June Update Details Revealed

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NVIDIA has this week unleashed a new NVIDIA Studio Driver to enhance the creative workflows of designers and creators, the new Studio Driver is available for download today. Creators fitted with NVIDIA RTX graphics cards will be able to benefit from the quicker performance and new features within Blender version 3.2, BorisFX Sapphire release 2022.5, and Topaz Denoise AI 3.7.0.

For more details on the new Studio Driver and its enhancements jump over to the official NVIDIA website where NVIDIA Senior Designer Daniel Barnes showcases inspirational artwork in the NVIDIA Studio. “Specializing in visual design and 3D content, Barnes covers his creative workflow in designing the galactic 3D scene Journey“.

NVIDIA Studio Driver June

“OpenVDB offers a near-infinite 3D index space, allowing massive Universal Scene Description (USD) files to move in and out of Omniverse while keeping these volumes intact. 3D artists can iterate with larger files, speeding up creative workflows without the need to reduce or convert files and sizes. Blender 3.2 also added a Light Group feature, enabling artists to modify the color and intensity of light sources in the compositor without re-rendering. New Shadow Caustics supports selective rendering of caustics in shadows of refractive objects for further realism.”

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