Oasis Fireplace Steel

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Oasis Fireplace Steel

Indoors or outdoors, on a table, floor or ground, around a pool, patio or in a living room you can place the beautiful and stylishly designed Oasis Fireplace from Anywhere Fireplace.

It will add ambiance and create a focal point.

By using a gel fuel canister, or pourable gel fuel, that is placed or poured in the center cup, you just have to light it with a long lighter or match stick and you now have a personal fireplace. Using the proper gel fuel designed for fireplaces, it is safe to use indoors or out, wherever you may want to create ambiance.

Comes with white decorative river stones, but you can choose to decorate it with colorful fireglass, sea shells, or anything that you are in the mood to decorate it with to make it a perfect piece for the perfect setting. Just be sure none of the items are flammable and can be used around an open flame.

Safe for indoor or outdoor use with safe gel fuel (pourable or cans)

Gel fuel not included.

Use on a table or ground, any steady surface

Lightweight and portable for easy portability

No venting, gas or electrical connection needed

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