Ocean City Building Game AQUATICO Trailer Revealed

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AQUATICO Ocean City Building Game

Steam’s October Next Fest is coming soon and a brand-new survival city builder has come up from the depths of the ocean. Developed by OverSeer Games, Aquatico is the latest innovation within the survival city builder genre and presents a plethora of new improvements that any city builder fan, new or old, will be sure to enjoy.

Set to release with a demo at Steam’s October Next Fest, Aquatico takes place in an alternate future where the surface of the Earth is now inhabitable by humans. Thus we look to the ocean to reconstruct civilization. With its own set of challenges, life under the sea isn’t everything it’s cranked up to be from a team of sharks to managing depth levels.

With the idea of being abandoned in the ocean a very scary thought, we can’t wait to see how Aquatico brings the daunting eternity of the deep to the city builder formula. Briefly mentioned is their emphasis on building vertically and delving deeper into the unexplored depths of the ocean, a particularly intriguing concept and one that might end up rivaling the likes of Subnautica with its unknown and suspense when embarking too far down.

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