Official ALIEN Tabletop Release Date and Trailer Revealed

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Free League Publishing and 20th Century Fox have joined forces for an official Alien tabletop roleplaying game, and it will be released in time for the holidays. On December 10th, xenomorphs will terrify your tables as a 392-page core rulebook will be published. Other supplements will follow the release, so gamers will be able to begin their own battle in unfriendly space with a small chance of survival.

The game will take place after the events of Aliens; acting as colonists, scientists, marines, and other sci-fi characters, players will investigate the Outer Rim Frontier. While the anxiety and endurance horror of the Alien franchise will be present, Free League Publishing ensures much more freedom in the game.

The full-color hardcover book will set the world of Alien and implement an effective ruleset designed to improve the gameplay experience during the campaign. Players can pick between two game modes: cinematic play and campaign play.

Free League Publishing explains the two modes in-depth:

Cinematic play is centered on pre-made scenarios that emulate the dramatic arc of an Alien film. Designed to be played in a single session, this game mode emphasizes high stakes and fast and brutal play. Player characters are not all expected to survive. The rulebook will be published with the full cinematic scenario Chariot of the Gods by sci-fi novelist Andrew E.C. Gaska, who is also the setting writer and canon consultant for the RPG. Campaign play is designed for longer constant play with the same cast of characters over many game sessions, allowing players to examine the Alien universe unobstructedly, sandbox style.

The December release of the Alien RPG and its supplemental content will be succeeded by the first expansions to the core game in August 2020.

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