Official PlayStation VR Setup Videos

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PlayStation VR

Gamers who are enjoying PlayStation 4 are patiently waiting for the arrival of their new PlayStation VR headset, Sony released these videos today to explain how to setup your high tech gear to enjoy the games and use the hardware to the fullest.

In the videos below Sony will guide you through the less complicated PlayStation VR setup process from an boxing your VR headset to connecting all its components and then calibrating it to get the best experience from your virtual reality games.

In Part 1 of our three part PlayStation VR tutorial, we take a look at what you can expect to find in the box of your shiny new headset, so you can be sure you have everything you need to create your own virtual reality set-up at home.

In Part 2 of our three part PlayStation VR tutorial, we explain how to connect you PlayStation VR to you existing PS4 set-up. By the end, you’ll have successfully put together your own virtual reality space in your home.

In the final part of our three part series on PlayStation VR, we explore the best ways to safely enjoy your virtual reality experience. When you’ve finished, you’ll be ready to go and explore new worlds with PlayStation VR!


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