Old School RuneScape Mobile Tips and Tricks

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RuneScape has been an extremely popular game throughout the whole of its existence. It had its ups and downs as it is with almost any other product, whether in the game industry or not, but not only did it not manage to stand the test of time, it has also experienced a renaissance. First, with the release of Old School RuneScape a.k.a RS07 and second, with the release of the mobile version of OSRS which was and is a huge success not only in the market of mobile games but games in general. Whether you’ve jumped on this hype train within the first days of launch or cautiously waited for various quality of life changes to be implemented first, we have some tips and tricks for you to help improve your OSRS Mobile experience even more.


Old School RuneScape Mobile on the Go

Battery Life

Mobile phones are exactly what they are called – mobile. Thus, most of OSRS Mobile players are playing on their mobile devices where they cannot use a computer: on the bus, train, during a break in school or work, etc. In situations like this longer battery life of your mobile device is a priority. If you don’t have a power bank then you will definitely appreciate this simple tip.

First, you should always check if there are any other apps playing in the background. You always want to turn those off if you intend to play for longer periods of time.
Second, unless you’re in a very bright lit environment, consider reducing your phone’s brightness to a minimum.

Last, but not least, set a limit to OSRS Mobile to 20 FPS. That won’t look as smooth, yes, but it’ll save you some precious battery juice and extend your playtime while not making it an uncomfortable experience.


Mobile Data Usage

During the testing of OSRS Mobile, it was announced that the game will drain up to 100MB per hour! This is a ridiculous amount of data, especially considering the fact that sometimes, if not most times, you will be using mobile data and not necessarily be connected to Wi-Fi. Currently, OSRS Mobile leeches from 500kb to 2MB data per hour. This means that you might want to be using other apps in the background, like YouTube. In order to not get disconnected when opening another window all you need to do is go to the app’s setting and enable background data. Yes, that simple!


Crafting and Skilling on OSRS Mobile

Crafting and skilling are two things that are very monotonous and why do these things on your computer at home, when you can do it on your phone while waiting in a line or traveling on the bus? A simple trick to help you get to that high score hall of fame in woodcutting experience is to enable the “tap-to-drop” option. With this, you will get rid of those logs with a single click – no-hassle guarantee.


While crafting you might want to use a magnifier tool in your phone to zoom in your inventory. Extremely useful for those with sausage fingers or when watching a movie. And then dropping off your recently crafted item to the bank, you can close your bank by simply clicking your phone’s “back” button, instead of trying to aim and hit that little “X” button on your screen.

Another neat trick sounds like one of those ridiculous DIY homemade methods, but it’s crazy useful! What you can do is use a Post-it note on your phone and cut out small holes in it at the spots you need to click constantly. Those might be spots for trees, ore veins or crafting tools and items. You do need to have a touch pen or if you’re going full DIY mode, a pencil with an eraser on the other end for this method to work, but this is a really nice trick for people who want to make the most of their time.

These tricks are sure to make your OSRS Mobile experience more enjoyable and if your hunger for knowledge is still not sated, you can learn more here.

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