Omnibot Hello! MiP Two-Wheeled Robot

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Before Asimo, Paro, and Aibo, there was the Omnibot. Made by Tomy in the 1980s, Omnibot was like R2-D2, only Japanese and with a cassette tape player built-in! Since then, times have changed. Tomy is now Takara Tomy and Omnibot is now Omnibot Hello! MiP, a two-wheeled robot that will dazzle and entertain.

The Hello! MiP has brilliant control and balance. Watch him carry things (even another Mip robot!) and you’ll see what we mean. Speed and agility are the keys here since the Mip can be controlled on a phone and made to move around a trajectory at the swipe of a finger.

He can box with a partner (get both black and white versions for the best results!) and dance to music. You can even control the Hello! MiP by hand gestures and this nifty bot is able to learn up to 50 movements! Just choose which of the seven modes you want by turning the wheel.

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