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Thanks to smartphones and apps life is become extremely simplified. Every activity can now be done to a great extent using smartphones. It is almost unfathomable to imagine life a few years ago having seen the remarkable growth of technology and how it dominates every aspect of our lives now.

Here are a few good productivity apps that will surely make your life all the more simplified and make it easier to carry out day to day activities:

Office Mobile

Office is a great app that brings together the power of Microsoft to your pockets. At almost any given time, you are required to work on spread sheets, presentations or documents and having access to a laptop is not always possible. Thanks to Office Mobile you can easily access your documents and excel sheets on the go thanks to your mobile where you can easily edit them and play around with charts and graphs as well. You can email documents on the go to your contacts as well making it a great tool for your phone.


Freecharge is a must have app for all mobile phones as it keeps your mobile phone up and running by allowing you to pay mobile and internet bills easily and in under 10 seconds. Be it prepaid or postpaid plans, internet bills, DTH cable bills or even data card recharge, it can all be handled through this app. The transactions are secure through SSL gateway and security and you can pay through debit cards, credit cards and net banking too. With tie ups with all major service providers, this app will never leave you hanging when it comes to bill payments.

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Mobile Location Tracker

This is a great app to keep in handy while travelling. The app keeps a track of the places you have recently visited and guides you through a map. You can browse the location history and can work even when the GPS is off. You can start the tracker and by the end of the day you’ll get a detailed history of the places you have been to. It does not upload any personal data and just stores the locations you have visited. You can also share your current location with near and dear ones keeping them informed at all times.

Book My Show

This is one of the best apps that have changed the movie going experience completely. Gone are the days when you had to stand in long queues and try arguing for the seats you’ve wanted. Thanks to this app you can book tickets directly through your mobile and make payments to watch the latest movies running in the theatres near you.  Before deciding which movie you’d want to watch, you can even read reviews from critics and the audience to get to know about the movie’s reception. It’s a great app that will make your movie going experience hassle free and enjoyable.

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This is a great app for people who love to type and keep in touch through texting. Be it Whatsapp, Facebook or any kind of typing you need to do, this app will save your time by helping you with its prediction software which is pretty accurate. It can also pick up your typing pattern in other languages and pick up words and phrases you use often to help you save time immediately. It also suggests what words to type next based on your past typing which is really a blessing for those who’re always typing on the go!

These apps will surely simplify your life immediately and give you a lot to cheer about. With immense digitization and increasing dependency on technology, these apps surely go a long way to help us save time in performing various activities and tasks.


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