Online Gaming – The Future of Netflix in France

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Netflix is preparing to introduce an entirely new component to its already popular streaming service. Soon, this video streaming company is going to have a separate category of video games that you can play online through your existing subscription. What’s more, these games will come at no additional cost.


Latest French Gaming News

With the development of an online gaming service, Netflix is poised to come out of the pandemic with a higher viewership level than before. This is due in large part to the fact that during the covid lockdown, many French people found online forms of entertainment, watching more shows on Netflix than before and turning to online gaming. The latest French gaming news shows that the world of casino games, online games, and video streaming services are combining, converting popular shows launched by streaming services such as Netflix into equally popular online casino games. Presently, the production of a separate gaming category is in its infancy but when it is launched, it will be introduced first and foremost to users and their mobile devices.


Mobile Gaming with Netflix

Netflix is focused on mobile gaming as its priority. This is particularly important for places like France where many individuals use their subscription to Netflix through their mobile phone.53% of users in France use their mobile phones specifically for gaming which means that Netflix can access this 53% of the market share as soon as they launch the gaming segments. What’s more, tablet users will gain similar access to mobile gaming on Netflix. There may not be plans at present for Netflix to offer console-based games or a similar option for users who are watching Netflix through their computer or laptop, but no doubt if the success of mobile games continues as projected, those particular developments will be just around the corner.


Existing Games Online

Already many similar services have tried to provide video game subscriptions. Amazon Prime invested in launching its own gaming studio last year just as Google, and by extension YouTube, released a game streaming service in 2019. Apple has tried to offer mobile gaming subscription services by way of Apple Arcade. However, it seems that Netflix might be poised to outshine all of the competitors, especially in places like France. Netflix has already hired an executive from Facebook and a former executive of Electronic Arts to collaborate on the games offered through the service.

Netflix plans to offer all of these games without any advertisements on mobile phones and tablets for no extra cost. Games will likely be created based on existing Netflix shows or original movies as well as spin-offs. Right now, there are already iterations of games based on existing Netflix shows, particularly casino game versions. Netflix online gaming in France is already capitalizing on the viewers and their favorite shows. Online gaming in France features a Netflix library of popular shows and movies already made into casino games at online casinos:  

  • The Goonies
  • Ted
  • Jumanji
  • Narcos
  • Robocop
  • Star Trek

Each of these casino games cannot only be found in physical casinos throughout the country but at many online casinos. When playing these games online, users can enjoy all of the catchphrases from The Goonies or Star Trek, see the characters from Ted or Jumanji, or find themselves transported to the storyline of Narcos or RoboCop.  The games are very comprehensive and make you feel like you are really in the show, with sound effects and background noise as well as reel designs, bonus spins, and symbols that all hearken to the themes of the shows. While playing these games online at home, you have complete control over how loud or how quiet the Goonies theme song is while you sit and spin the reels, or how brightly colored the characters from Star Trek are when you open a bonus round.   Recent reports project that games will be available starting in 2022, but no specific date has yet to be offered. However, there are still ample opportunities to play thematic casino games that really make you feel like you are on the Enterprise or trapped in the world of Jumanji.  This move by Netflix may not come at an additional cost but it might provide a boost in subscriptions for those who do not currently have a membership to the streaming service but still want to capitalize on the games and shows they have to offer.

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