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What are pokies, and how to play them online?

If you have ever had a chance to visit a casino in Australia or an online casino in Australia, you might have come across a term named Pokey or Pokies. Pokies are just a slang term used for poker, especially in Australia and New Zealand. The people call the online slot machines that offer poker as pokies. At first, it was just slang, but when enough people started using the term Pokies, the online casinos created a separate section for it. Online Pokies are becoming quite popular nowadays. Several casinos offer online pokies.

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Difference between Slots and Pokies

There is not much difference between pokies and slots. There are just two different names for the same thing. The term pokies are mostly used in the Australian and New Zealand regions, and Slots is used in the U.S or the U.K. Playing online pokies in Australia is the same as playing slots in US.

How to play online Pokies

Several casinos offer some of the best online pokies. Pokies are not as common as slots, therefore finding a good casino for pokies may take some additional time. However, once you find the right casino, you can simply sign-up. Once you sign up for the online casino account, you can go to the online pokies section, choose the game you like, make a deposit (keep the minimum deposit in mind) and start playing. The winnings of the poker machines online are automatically added to your account. Once you have a cash amount that higher than the minimum deposit limit, you can make a deposit using one of the banking methods suggested by the casinos.

Types of online pokies.

There are hundreds of online pokies titles that you can play at poker machines online, but the slot machines themselves that offer these online pokies are of two main types.

Reel Machines

The reel machines have physical reels that revolve whenever you play pokies. Even in the online casinos, you can select the reel machines if you choose to play live. The reel machines are slowly becoming obsolete.

Video Machines

Video Machines, otherwise known as video poker or video slots, are something that most people have become accustomed to. The majority of online casinos use video machines for online pokies. Video poker is a graphical slot machine that uses software to operate. With the help of video machines, players can play up to 6 reels.

Online Pokies Features


Pokies are relatively new compared to other versions of slots; therefore, large bonus rewards are offered on the online pokies. There is a term known as bonus multiplier that is used in the online pokies. As evident from the name, the bonus multiplier stacks up the player’s bonus real quick on consecutive wins.

Multiple Paylines

The traditional and classic poker machines online had single pay lines, which isn’t the case with online pokies. The online pokies offer multiple pay lines, which means that the payouts are also larger. As a result, the chances of winning are increased significantly.

Progressive Jackpots

The online pokies offer some of the best progressive jackpots. Progressive jackpots keep adding your bonus until you win up to a certain point. In some cases, the total jackpot, due to progressive jackpots can be life-changing.

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