Only Headphones Which Will Let You Sleep Like a Baby

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Bedphones  (1)

If you have the habit of listening to music in bed than these headphones are the ones for you. With these headphones you will fall asleep comfortably, the ultra-thin headphones that lie flat on your ears so you can doze off to soothing tunes, podcasts, white noise, and more.

The Bedphones’ ear-hooks are made from soft, moldable wire to provide maximum comfort for maximum rejuvenation. These are the ones I am getting for my nightly tunes.

Bedphones  (2)

“Sleeping with a pair of headphones on is, at best, uncomfortable. That is, unless you happen to own a pair of Bedphones,” – Engadget

  • Play, pause & skip music tracks w/ the single-button remote
  • Download the sleep app to automatically shut off sound when you fall asleep
  • Adjust the ear-hooks to secure tightly for the night
  • Use w/ included travel case & satin eye mask for optimized sleep
  • Make calls w/ the built-in microphone

Source: LaughingSquid


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