OOMENSIONS MYSTERY MANOR Game Is Murder Mystery With Escape Room

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Curious Correspondence, a sister company of Storm Crow, and the Mysterious Package Company have made a Kickstarter for an all-new kind of game, Doomensions Mystery Manor.

You will play the game in a popup mansion that needs no assembly. As a supernatural investigator, it’s up to you to investigate the mansion with your scrapbook of clippings, ephemera, and other clues as you try to solve the mysteries and lift the curse on the manor.

This game promises 5-10 hours of gameplay for 1-4 players, good replayability, and a regifting kit to share with your friends. This game looks incredible and has been completely funded within 33 minutes. But you’re not too late, the Kickstarter will go until September 8 with estimated delivery of February 2023.

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