Optimize Desktop Graphic Setting Like a Pro for an Ultimate Gaming Experience

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Desktop gaming

The optimum computer gaming experience is complete zen to all gamers, and part of this experience is to have total control over its desktop platform. Even if you’re using a budget desktop paired with a 4K gaming monitor, computer games allow you to customize the graphics settings to their maximum potential.

There is no need for you to settle for low-quality gaming even if you don’t have the latest processors or graphics cards. A simple tweak is what you need. However, adjusting the wrong settings for your PC graphics may do harm to your gaming experience.

But don’t fret, we’re here to help. These adjustments will help you achieve the right video graphic settings for your PC games.


Ultra Graphic is Ideal for Screenshots Only

Ultra graphic presets can be really tempting to use, but it’s not recommended unless you’re installing top-tier equipment. Even this isn’t an assurance of playable frame rates in updated games if you have a 4K resolution monitor. This is only advisable if you want to show screenshots of your in-games on forums as they are simply static in sense.

Remember that setting visuals too high can affect the game’s texture and overall performance.

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Resolution Scaling for Performance Improvement

Nothing enhances the game processing more than the resolution it renders. This is because the hardware needs to perform towards frame rendering on each pixel. The higher the rate of pixels being rendered, the more processing it needs.

Say, for example, a full HD monitor requires a gaming PC with Cat6 FTP cable attached to the network source to render a bit higher pixels of 2 million. On the other hand, a 4K monitor elevates rendering capacity to a staggering 8.5 million pixels.

You can decrease the resolution via the game’s settings, however, this leads to poor quality image due to non-native resolution and high-tech monitor incompatibility. Now, this is where resolution scaling takes place. It won’t mess with the native resolution of your monitor by preserving the same resolution target. Still, it can alter the internal resolution rendering of the game and sets it at the same resolution rate of your monitor.

Visuals become softer is the only catch if the resolution is in the lower level. You won’t be able to notice it during typical gameplay scenarios as long as the resolution won’t go below 70% scaling resolution. So always keep it to a minimum.


Memory Usage Check-Up

Shadows and screen space effects of your graphics settings, like ambient occlusion and reflection, are a bit solid on your graphics memory. Even 8GB graphics cards with VRAM is risky in diminishing memory storage. This can dramatically impact frame rates. To avoid this, install high-tech server utilities that help with your graphics memory. In case not so sure with the server utilities and installation, you can ask assistance from IT professionals.


Texture Streaming and Distance

If open world games (Far Cry or Grand Theft Auto) is your thing then you need to pay attention to this setting aspect. Open world games have complicated geometry and different textures. Visual performance can deplete greatly if the draw distance is very high.

This is because increasing the draw distance can put a huge computational weight on your GPU, whilst also overstressing the subsystem memory, potentially. Setting your texture streaming and draw distance at a reasonable rate will definitely help the performance of your GPU in open-world games.

The size of the places in open-world games, as well as the absolute complexity, makes it very hard to load all asset textures at the same time as usual games. These games, however, consistently cascade textures from your hard drive as and if necessary. If you are using an SSD then this is fine, but the transfer speeds will be slow and access times of your hard drives can cause your game to stutter to even massive framerate dips.

Thus, always make it a point to install open-world games using SSds. If this is not possible then you need to lower the draw distance rate and opt for low-quality textures instead.



As much as possible, we want to experience the best visuals of our gaming sessions all the time. However, in order to achieve this, certain setups are required. The tips above allow you to maximize the last piece of your performance using the gaming equipment you have. You do it with proper balance and maintenance of visuals and performance. The key is the proper adjustment of your graphics settings.


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