Optrix 6 Rugged iPhone Case

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Optrix 6 Rugged iPhone Case

By far the most technologically advanced case Optrix has ever produced.

Pushing the limits of modern manufacturing again, the new Optrix by Body Glove delivers the same slim dimensions while increasing strength, usability and imaging capabilities.

Improved Optics.Stunning images have been key in the success of Optrix. For the new iPhone 6 case they worked to improve all facets of their lenses, from the sealing structure to minimizing distortion and maximizing light. The end results are stunning images you never knew were possible with an iPhone.

The 4 lens kit includes:

– Ultra rugged main housing
– Everyday inner case
– 4 lenses (Wide-angle, 2x telephoto, Macro, Normal 0 degrees)
– Lens Case
– Lens Cloth
– Wrist strap

The 2 lens kit comes with the wide-angle and normal lens.


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