Ordinary Smart Baseball Cap Can Control Your Smartphone

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Meet Will Miller from Sydney who has come up with an ingenious way of taking control of your smartphone by wearing a smart cap that looks nothing short or more than a regular baseball cap. The Snaptrax has been designed to be comfortable and practical while also letting the users to take control of their smartphones by making use of Bluetooth and the user’s voice.

The Snaptrax looks exactly like any other conventional baseball cap, however, if you look close enough you will find that just above the peak and at corners are located two speakers, Bluetooth module and a microphone that serve as the eyes and ears of this cap. The end result is that the user will be able to control the smartphone for a number of processes such as typing texts, receiving calls or making calls while also being able to pay attention to their emails and controlling music playback via Bluetooth.


Although there isn’t much that Snaptrax brings to the table when compared with other wearable tech, but as Miller pointed out, it sure is a never-thought-of-way to keep your hands free while using your smartphone.

He further stated that; ‘We’re very aware that everyone has different tastes and comes from different backgrounds. Our stretch goals include connected bucket hats and visors, and we even have plans for a connected hardhat for tradesmen.’


The Snaptrax cap is still under development. Miller and the team is currently busy working on the technical side and their primary focus right now is to come up with a way of including a battery and charging circuit to the cap while keeping it comfortable to wear. The end result, for now, is a plan where the cap can run for days on a 90-minute charge and is waterproof.

Currently the fund raising is being carried out on Kickstarter and you can order one for yourself with a pre-order price of AU$189. If all goes as planned the shipping for the Snaptax cap starts January 2015.

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