Origami Pot Grows With Your Plants

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Meet Growth, Its design was inspired by the geometrical Japanese art of paper folding. The way it works is simple: as your plant begins to expand and transform, so too does the Growth pot by unfolding and growing. The designers Bike and Begum Ayaskan from Studio Ayaskan describe their creation as a meld of philosophy and trigonometry. They lament that nature is often at odds with our modern mentality to build a static object and throw it away when it no longer serves its purpose. Instead, Growth “mimics nature’s ability to grow and transform by unfolding over time.”

The designers achieved this level of interactivity by using polypropylene materials. The folding pattern, though, took some thought. Begum and Bike Ayaskan explained that they had to “figure out the trigonometry behind the shape,” calculating the ratios to give them the start, middle, and end shape they desired.

It is not available to purchase right not, but in coming months you will be able to buy it and in many colors.

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