Original DOOM Games Are Beinf Re-Released On Consoles

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At the Quakecon it was revealed that DOOM, DOOM II and DOOM 3 are getting re-released on consoles! It will be available for $4.99, For DOOM and DOOM II, and $9.99, for DOOM 3, players can enjoy the games that put first-person shooters on the gaming scene. All three games are available from today on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. DOOM and DOOM II Are also going to be released on Android and iOS. For those of you out there questioning which version of DOOM 3 we are looking at, it is the original release and not the BFG Edition.

About the only thing missing is a current-gen port of Final DOOM and DOOM 64. Still, it is awesome that you can now get almost the whole franchise on any single console of your choice! The re-release of these 3 titles also works as an excellent way to develop for DOOM Eternal which release on November 22.


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