Original Xbox Emulator Installed By a Hacker on Nintendo Switch

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Xbox Emulator

Hackers can be awesome at times. Meet Voxel9 who was able to install and run an Xbox emulator on his Nintendo Switch. Voxel9 shared a video where they ran XQEMU (an open-sourced Xbox Emulator) from their hacked Switch that is running Linux4Tegra Ubuntu.

You can see Voxel9 open Halo: Combat Evolved. Neither game runs awesome as you can see, in fact, the frame rate is terrible, but it’s still an extraordinary feat. To make things even more exciting is the fact that Voxel9 was using a PS4 controller as the emulator can’t recognize the Switch’s Joy-Con. As one Reddit user said, “So you’re playing Xbox games with a PlayStation controller on a portable Nintendo console? What the actual f*** is this world?”

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