OSRS Brings a Bew Boss to Its Adventure: This is the Phantom Muspah

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Old School RuneScape

OSRS is a really entertaining classic MMORPG. And despite the fact that it was published several years ago, it is still extremely well-liked because of the enjoyable quests, a nicely built trade system, and its many different bosses. Phantom Muspah is an excellent example; you must beat him in order to complete the “Secrets of the North” quest. You can face Phantom Muspah again, but it will be more difficult next time. But you may defeat it by employing the appropriate strategies for each of its incarnations. So continue reading to learn how to eliminate Phantom Muspah.

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Where to find this boss?

Weiss is the home of The Phantom Muspah. You can use an Icy Basalt and sprint through the fence’s opening. You can also teleport to Weiss in PoH (a portal chamber or nexus) or just use Larry’s boat to go there from Rellekka. After arriving in Weiss, proceed south and through the salt mine until you reach Ghorrocks Dungeon.

In order to battle this boss, you must battle the Strange Creature to finish the “Secrets of the North” quest. You may then go back to the same location at any time to battle (solo) the boss. It will now go by the name Phantom Muspah and be more powerful than it was in its quest form. It will freeze for a shorter period of time thanks to its 33% freeze resistance. Phantom Muspah may be quickly defeated since all of this boss’s attacks stay the same; therefore, all you need to do is recall their sequence.


So, how do you beat it?

During the boss battle, Phantom Muspah will switch between its three different forms. You must pray properly based on the shape it takes. Its first two stages can be ranged or melee, no matter the order, so you should have this in mind to avoid any of its possible attacks:

The earth will be slammed by the Phantom Muspah. Spikes will start to appear beneath and surrounding the player’s position in groups of two to four. For the duration of the battle, these spikes will become more durable and remain in place. Future inbound homing spikes may be stopped by players using previously hardened spikes as a barrier. It is better to utilize ranged weapons against this form.

Another possible attack can occur when the Phantom Muspah, in the process of teleporting around the arena, leaves behind charged clouds that move in all directions. This technique is comparable to the one used while combating Akkha. You will lose 20 hit points if you are struck by one of the orbs. The Phantom Muspah always makes a comeback to the northeast of the arena when the onslaught is over.

The Muspah will teleport to the center of the arena when it reaches 150 hit points. A massive shockwave will be released, encompassing the whole battleground. If the player does not block the assault by positioning themselves behind a spike, it may do up to 80 damage. Then, with Soul Split and a prayer shield enabled, it will transform into its shielded stage.

You also need to eliminate the shield, so bear that in mind. The Phantom Muspah will also heal itself for half of every damage it does. Smite may hasten the Muspah’s shield depletion, but only if you are hitting on a different tick than the Muspah. This enables you to return to protection prayers in preparation for its next assault.

For this part of the battle, you need to equip your crossbow (you’ll have better results with the dragon versions) with some magical sapphire bolts. They drain around 33 prayers from the shield and have a high activation probability.

The monster will transform back into its ranged attack phase when the shield is exhausted and hurl a significant number of spikes toward the players’ position.


A massive beast yields massive results

If you’re wondering why you should tackle this beast, you should know the Phantom Muspah delivers steady hourly profit, with gp rates comparable to those of Vorkath and Zulrah. Additionally, the Ancient Icon and Venator Shard provide extra gp in the form of uncommon, one-of-a-kind items. While the main revenue sources are alchables, skilling materials, and ancient essence.

Killing the Phantom Muspah will get you a sizable sum of gold. In addition, you will be able to get resources like Muphin Pets, Charged Ice, and Venator Shards. Therefore, we advise going to this boss as often as you possibly can.

That is all there is to know about the OSRS Phantom Muspah boss battle. The first few times might be pretty difficult while fighting it. But by following our advice, you may simply defeat it. Be sure to let us know in the comments how your experience with little Muspah was.

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