Outlaw Rogue Guide in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

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World of Warcraft

With the release of the Dragonflight update, the World of Warcraft universe received an addition with new lands – dragon islands.

Players will have to upgrade their characters to level 70, master new content and mechanics, return to learning professions and visit new lands to tame and ride their first dragon.

To be ready for new content, a player, especially a damage dealer, needs to have top-end, or at least good equipment from the last update, and Mystic + dungeons will help with this.

You can walk in them with a group of friends, or order mythic carry wow from professional players and get the required number of dungeon runs until your character is equipped with the necessary armor and weapons and will go to the port to sail to the Dragon Isles and approach level 70.


General information about the class

The Outlaw Rogue is one of the most effective PvP and farming units due to the large number of strong AoE attacks. The class is most strongly revealed in battles against two and three targets.


Strength of the class

Thanks to the Flurry of Blades skill, all your attacks cause damage not only to the selected target, but also to 4 enemies within the radius of action, which greatly simplifies the farming of several monsters at once and the convenience and demand for passing dungeons.


A few useful defensive skills to survive most attacks:

  • Trick – blocks 40% of various incoming damage and catchy AoE attacks in the radius of impact.
  • Cloak of shadows – completely protects against magic for 5 seconds and removes all negative effects that were previously applied to the rogue.
  • Evasion – Increases your basic evasion by 100%.
  • Crimson Vial – The Rogue drinks an alchemy potion that increases 20% of his maximum health.
  • Shroud of Concealment – covers allies that stand close to the rogue and makes them invisible.
  • Stagger – Paralyzes a target that has not yet entered combat to prevent potentially aggressive actions. Any attack on the target will bring it out of this state.
  • Blinding is a strong disorienting effect. The target wanders around without attacking the target for a minute, any attack will bring it out of this state.
  • Paralyzing Strike – Deals damage to the target in front of the rogue and paralyzes for 4 seconds.


Class Disadvantages

Throw the Dice – Gives the rogue a random combat buff.

Sinister Strike is a chance passive skill that has a 21% chance to proc in combat.

AoE damage depends on the Blade Flurry passive skill and on the correct positioning relative to the targets.

All the downsides are due to the randomness of triggering and the ability to properly position your attacks, but the rogue class has always been adventurous and dependent on chance and luck – this is what makes it interesting.


Active skills to use

Throw the Dice – Gives a random combat boost, apply on cooldown until you get the desired effect.

Bonus game – can extend the buff from rolling the dice by 30 seconds.

Adrenaline Rush – Increases the maximum supply and recovery rate of energy, and also increases attack speed by 20%.

Meat grinder – accumulate combo effects and use this skill. Depending on the number of combos, the duration of the skill boost will be calculated. The skill will increase attack speed by 50% for up to 48 seconds, depending on the combo.

Composure – increases the chance of inflicting a critical hit.

Between the Eyes – Deals heavy damage depending on the accumulation of combo attacks. Has a chance to deal a critical hit.

Blade Onslaught – move to the target and deal damage, when combined with a flurry of blades, you can approach the target and immediately deal AoE damage to nearby targets.

Killstreak – Leap at an opponent with a two-blade attack at once.

Marked for Death – Increases the maximum number of combo attacks on the target by 5. The ability will not have a cooldown if the target died before the accumulation of the maximum number of combos.

Spectral Strike – Deal heavy damage to the target and increase further damage by 10%.

Sepsis – Deal damage and apply a poison effect to the target. If the effect was removed, then the cooldown of the skill will be reduced, if the target takes all the accumulated damage, then it will take additional damage immediately after the end of the skill’s duration.

Blade of Dread – deals damage and enhances the physical potential of the weapon and all skills that complete combo attacks.

Thistle tea – is a drink that replenishes the energy needed for most skills.

Elimination – you need to accumulate combo points – the skill enhances your basic attack by the number of accumulated points – up to 7 times.

Disappear – go into a state of invisibility, and removes all skills that restrict movement. Doesn’t break stealth for a few seconds, even with active effects.

Sudden strike – deals a strong blow to the target with blades, with a 35% chance it can work again.

Shot from a pistol – deals heavy damage at a distance, a critical hit is possible, and greatly slows down the target.

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