Outriders Performance Tested on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X

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Digital Foundry has this week released a new video testing the performance of the Outriders comparing the game on PlayStation 5 versus the Xbox series X and S consoles. Outriders is a coop action role-playing third-person video game developed by the team at People Can Fly and published by Square Enix. It is a third-person shooter which gives players a mix of role-playing elements and enables you to create custom characters and choose from four classes each with their own individual abilities.

“Yes, we’re late to the party on this one – we only received code once the more recent stability patches were released and… well… the schedule was pretty packed. But the wait was worth it: Outriders runs nicely, looks beautiful and delivers a nigh-on locked 60fps on all of the new consoles.”

“Humanity’s efforts to colonize the alien planet, Enoch, went astray as the expedition team encountered a massive energy storm, known as “The Anomaly”, during their search for a mysterious signal—which may indicate hope for humanity’s future. The storm grants both Enoch’s inhabitants and the colonists superpowers.”

Source: Digital Foundry

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