Overkill’s THE WALKING DEAD New Trailer Tells A Small Tale

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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead by Overkill, which is in collaboration with Skybound505 Games, and Starbreeze, has released a new trailer that shows a grandpa who is having a conversation with a zombie. The nostalgia-packed man finds a picture of a young girl which leads him to tell a tale of his own granddaughter. It is a short story but shows the human side of the figure that will likely be seen as a badass once the game launches thanks to the qualities it takes to survive in a zombie world.

It seems like a simple story, but there is a lot of heart and soul behind grandpa’s eyes when he looks at the camera. Not only is he telling a story of his family, who he likely expects to be dead despite the fact that he is looking for her, but he is literally talking to a zombie. Scenes, where compassion and humanity are shown to the undead, are rare, but my favorite kind of times to see. Remembering that they were once human, had a family and a life of their own, and were simply those that were overcome by the virus that plagues the world and destroying all the hopes they had is an important aspect to keep your head grounded in that kind of scenario.

The trailer also features one that was shown not long ago as well following right after grandpa’s feature. It is just a hint that while they may be alive and voyaging the world these days, the start from when it all started was a hard time and full of rough choices they didn’t want to have to make. Nobody in the apocalypse has a happy or even neutral backstory, but that’s how it goes when it comes down to only the strong who survive.


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