Overview of Ships in ArcheAge Unchained

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ArcheAge Unchained

Ships are a unique aspect of the ArcheAge Unchained fantasy world and provide lots of engaging gameplay for players. Ships are used to transport players and trading items of the game between continents. If you’re a new player then you may be wondering what how to get started with the shipping system and which ships you should focus on. We’re here to give you the answers!


Harpoon Clipper

The Harpoon Clipper is the smallest and fastest of the big ships, and also the first ship you will likely get. You can fit around six players on your Harpoon Clipper before it gets too weighed down so be careful not to overload it. They can come with cannons or harpoons, although most players opt for harpoons.


Merchant Ship

If you plan on doing trade runs, cargo runs, or sunken ship runs to make ArcheAge: Unchained gold, the merchant ship is a great option. The ship can hold 22 trade packs and comes equipped with radar so you’re always aware of the ships around you.


Galleon Ships (a small warship)

Galleon Ships are the warships so they come equipped with four cannons on each side of the boat, radar, and mounted shields. Galleon Ships are slower than both Merchant Ships and Harpoon Clippers, but they’re a great all-round combat ship because they put out a ton of damage.

Enoan Galleon Ship (medium warship)

The Enoan Galleon is a medium warship and unlike the other ships so far, you don’t buy the ship with Gilda. To get an Enoan Galleon ship, you need to get 5000 Enoan Galleon scraps or by killing Leviathan and hoping the ship drops. It will take some time to gather enough scraps to build the Enoan Galleon ship so don’t expect to get this ship soon after you start playing.

There Enoan has more cannons than the standard Galleon ship and can hold more players. It’s also more expensive to upgrade and maintain, but worth it for the increased power and damage you get over its little brother.


Ship Upgrades

You have the option of upgrading your ships by removing parts, replacing parts, or upgrading parts. This means you can customize your ship to meet your needs and give yourself an advantage over other players. You can upgrade your sails to make your ship go faster, and also sell sails to other players if you have a surplus of materials. Sails and rudders tend to be the things players upgrade first because they grant you faster speed and better handling of the ship.


Fishing Ships

You can get fishing ships that come equipped with two fish hooks for large fish and a little pool in the middle of the boat for small and medium-sized fish. The basic fishing boat will set you back 500 Gilda and is a great option for players looking to make ArcheAge: Unchained Gold by fishing. As with all professions, the higher the proficiency, the greater your profits will be, so expect to spend a lot of time in your fishing boat as you level up your skill.

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