Overwatch 2 Devs Confirm Sombra Rework and New Ability Coming in Season 7

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Overwatch 2

The highly anticipated Sombra rework has finally received an official release schedule: it is set to debut in Overwatch 2‘s Season 7. Sombra, a Damage hero, has always been a subject of controversy in the game due to her unique playstyle that sets her apart from other characters in her category. Rather than engaging in fair fights, Sombra relies on her hacking abilities, repositioning with her translocator, and utilizing invisibility to keep enemies off-balance and at a disadvantage.

One of her most potent tools is her EMP, a game-changing ultimate ability that can drastically shift the course of a battle. As a result of her disruptive playstyle and tendency to operate away from the frontlines, teaming up with a Sombra player can sometimes prove as frustrating as facing her as an opponent.

Given the concerns surrounding Sombra’s impact on the game, players have eagerly awaited the developer’s rework promises. Speculation about the nature of the changes arose when keen-eyed fans noticed alterations to her translocator in a recent promotional video. In a recent “Director’s Take” video by Aaron Keller, Overwatch 2’s game director, information was revealed about upcoming changes to the existing hero roster. Tanks were mentioned to receive some buffs and nerfs, and Ashe’s grenade ability was mentioned to be tuned down. However, tucked away among these updates was an exciting hint about Sombra’s rework. Keller revealed that in the upcoming Season 7, Sombra would receive some minor adjustments, while the full-fledged rework would be unveiled, complete with a brand-new ability!

As players eagerly await Season 7 and the unveiling of the Sombra rework, they can look forward to Season 6, which promises to be the most substantial season in Overwatch’s history according to the developers. The excitement doesn’t end there, as August 10 will bring the release of the hotly-anticipated PvE story missions, adding even more depth and excitement to the world of Overwatch 2.

With the future of Overwatch 2 looking brighter than ever, fans are eager to witness how Sombra’s rework will reshape the game’s meta and add new layers of strategy and excitement to their favorite hero-based shooter. As the clock ticks closer to Season 7, players can hope that additional details about the complete rework will be revealed, including the intriguing new ability that Sombra is set to bring to the battlefield.

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