OverWatch Halloween Terror Tips Every Every Gamer Must Know

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With October comes Halloween and then comes Halloween event and more Halloween celebrations. Not only are people getting into costumes but also video games join in the celebrations. OverWatch, being one of the online games that participate made an announcement that it will be doing a live Halloween Terror 2017 event. You cannot miss the occasion to witness major reveals, hence put a responsibility on assignment help online to work on your homework and attend this event.

Blizzard, a developer for online games, made it known there will be more legendary Overwatch skins. Halloween terror will be running till November 2nd. A player gets to have cosmetic items that including skins, voice lines, new weapons among others for free though for the Halloween period of time, on PS4 and Xbox One. Overwatch news has been a great source of news in giving out briefs about all the characters and what to expect. It also highlights the OverWatch Halloween skins that will be present from last year. These characters are normally divided into four categories. A player, most of the time, gets to identify themselves with the personality of each character.


  1. The offense class- Their first instinct is to strike and weaken and damage the enemy
  2. The defense class- They have strong abilities to protect their helpers.
  3. The tanks- This team is major and has strong support and are powerful in protecting their allies with their shields. The tanks are further subdivided into:
  • The meat tank- Has the highest hitpoints and takes most of the hit
  • The avoidance tank- They are borderline tankers. Unlike the meat tank, this one dodges damage by even passing into another character.
  • The magic tank- This one is able to aEltank’ magic damage. Most of the time the characters with skilled physical defense encounter difficulties while dealing with this tank.
  • The regenerator- This one is self-reliant in that it depends on himself to heal all of the attacks on him though sometimes requires a healer in times of powerful foes.
  1. The support- They provide renewed energy or some kind of healing. The healers in this category are subdivided into three major healers;
  • The classic healer- This healer is an uncomplicated type of healing. When the allies are taken to him, he heals them and undoes the damage on them.
  • The curer- He cures the effects rather than the damage, for instance, curing of the poison.
  • Preemptive healer- This type of healer works with the saying, prevention is better than cure’. He provides shields and wards to his allies.

The new Overwatch skins are most developed in that they come with sound and visual effects. And how cool is that? Some of the skins that will available freely at this Halloween Terror 2017 are:

Mccree, the lifeguard

The skin is definitely a catch especially with the summer, and it’s a bit comical with the gun in his hand.

Soldier 76

It is definitely as comical as it looks with the can of beers funnily stocked as riffles. The old 76 dad has his socks on with sandals.


A guardian angel tasked to protect and at the same time look like a goddess. The skin is beautiful and symbolizes sensitivity healing allies and prevents allies’ demise.

Widowmaker – Cote D’Azur

The skin is quite good and also revolutionary. Many people trying to wrap around the idea of a widow-maker in a bikini? Well.

Junkrat – Cricket

The skin was well thought through and executed and the humorous part using the cricket balls is a well-thought idea. It is truly a legendary skin that was perfected.

Reaper – Biker

The skin has represented the motor cross and all its elements and even spruced up to look more powerful. This Halloween event has definitely been spookier with the additional skins, sprays, and emotes and not forgetting the comeback of the Junkenstein. It is funny, bewildering, and appropriate for the Halloween spirit. It might be the same experience from last year, but the feel of the legendary skins and many other noticeable differences may cut through.

The limitations, however, should be taken into consideration for future improvement. The matchmaking code makes it difficult for someone to control the end result of the game as the player. The need to put to money in order to unlock some skins is also limiting which puts the player in an uncertain position.

All in all, OverWatch has amazing characters with personalities galore, and history behind their personality lies their skins which even enhances the player anticipation while participating in the game. Let us watch out for next year’s more additions of the characters and exciting skins.



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