Pac-Avoid A Stolen Idea?

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First of all, why Candy Crush is a huge success we didn’t get it, It’s maybe because and simple and contains candy?

What do you think?

Candy Crush developer King.com has responded to the recent wave of criticisms lodged against the company in the past week concerning its trademark request for the word “Candy,” its opposition to The Banner Saga, and one indie developer’s claim that they stole his game.

In an open letter posted on the King.com website, CEO Riccard Zacconi defended his company’s position on the three subjects.

“At its simplest, our policy is to protect our IP and to also respect the IP of others,” Zacconi said. “We believe in a thriving game development community, and believe that good game developers–both small and large–have every right to protect the hard work they do and the games they create.”

“Like any responsible company, we take appropriate steps to protect our IP, including our look-and-feel and trademarks,” he added. “Our goals are simple: to ensure that our employees’ hard work is not simply copied elsewhere, that we avoid player confusion, and that the integrity of our brands remains.”

Addressing the issue of cloning, Zacconi said King never should have published the game Pac-Avoid, which indie developer Matthew Cox maintains is a deliberate copy of his own game, Scamperghost.

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