Paladins Performance Tested On PS4, PS4 Pro And Xbox One

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Digital Foundry has been busy testing the performance of the new Paladins game which launched last week and has been testing it on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Pro and Xbox One.

It seems that the results provided blistering performance on all systems and are identical to PC as well as offering 4K Ultra HD on the PlayStation Pro system.

Digital Foundry explains a little more about the results and testing on each system:

The only major difference between PS4, Xbox One and PC concerns a touch of polish. Actual multiplayer gameplay is thankfully fine, but PlayStation 4’s tutorial and practice mode appears to have an issue with AI not working properly, resulting in glitching movement – or none at all. Unsurprisingly, this issue also kicks in on PS4 Pro. Paladins is in its open beta phase, so we should expect to see minor issues like this resolved in its final release.

Resolution sees Hi-Rez deploy a dynamic solution to ensure optimal performance. Once the screen fills with alpha effects, PS4 and Xbox One prioritise 60fps gameplay over image quality: rather than letting a frame drop, the resolution dynamically lowers instead. This is something we’ve only actually noticed on Xbox One, which can lower to 1728×972 – a ten per cent drop on each axis, once you get into hectic battles with lots of effects. Other numbers are possible, but that’s the lowest on record from our pixel-counting tests. However, just like Overwatch, the game moves so quickly, that drops in resolution are hard to spot. Hi-Rez Studios makes the right call here in prioritising the fluidity of the gameplay experience, and in motion, drops in pixel-count mostly escape notice.


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