PALWORLD Gameplay And Exploration-Filled Trailer

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At the Future Games Show, the development team Pocketpair released a new trailer for their upcoming multiplayer open-world survival crafting monster breeding game Palworld. This genre mashup game is going to let players experience gameplay inspired by a mix of different games in one awesome adventure!

Get ready to take your experience from Pokemon and meet, catch, breed, fight, work with, sell, and dismantle the beastsknown as Pal’s. Of course, they took a less-than-kid-friendly approach and also will have you battling against the ones that attack you with actual weapons, which you will be able to eat as well. Then there are the poachers and general opponents that will tear down your base, so make sure you also get some of the survival skills you may have gathered up as well.

Palworld aims to release sometime in 2022 on PC via Steam.

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