Panasonic HX-A1 Action Camera Unveiled

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Panasonic HX-A1 Action Camera

Panasonic has this week unveiled a new addition to its range of action cameras with the launch of the new Panasonic HX-A1 that measures just 83.1 mm long and has a diameter of just 26 mm.

The Panasonic HX-A1 action camera is fitted with a 2.8-megapixel MOS sensor that has been combined with a 2.6-mm F2.8 lens to provide users with a 19-mm equivalent.

Other features of the new Panasonic camera include the ability to capture Full HD 1080p video at 30 frames per second (fps), and HD 720p footage at 60 fps as well as store it on removable microSD cards. The Panasonic HX-A1 also includes a slow motion mode that is capable of recording 120 fps at a resolution of 848 x 480 pixels.


Panasonic HX-A1 action camera can also be used in conjunction with a selection of other Panasonic 2015 camcorders as a wireless twin camera, enabling footage to be merged together in the final cut to provide a more professional end result of your exploits.

The Panasonic HX-A1 will be available to purchase both online and in retail stores from June 2015 onwards and is available in either black or orange finishes and is priced at around $200.

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