PARADISE LOST Gameplay Trailer Revealed Its Explorable Atmosphere

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All In! Games have a good track record, so far, they have given many great hits! Now they are putting the spotlight on a game by developers PolyAmorous called Paradise Lost. It may not be officially set to release until 2021, this gameplay trailer also revealed that the game will hit the consoles as well. So players can choose to play it on PC via Steam, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One at release.

The gameplay trailer is quite short, but it gives a flash into the post-apocalyptic Nazi bunker that the game is based on. Taking control of a lost child named Szymon, you are beginning out to find a way out of this underground bunker. At the end of the trailer and you learn something important; you’re not alone! A girl’s voice can be overheard responding to Szymon and she is known as Ewa. What is Ewa doing deep inside the bunker? Will Szymon be able to follow her voice and find her? What other mysteries await in the pits under the earth?

This looks like a solid game and if you are into mystery-filled games this is the one for you, check out the cinematic trailer below:


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