Paradox Revealed VICTORIA 3, CRUSADER KINGS III Expansion, and More

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PDXCON Remixed held over the weekend and during the event, Paradox Interactive revealed a lot of new games and expansions. The first and possibly the most important one was the announcement of Victoria 3. Fans have been waiting for the next game in the strategy series franchise and now they will get it soon. Victoria 3 is all about making your society during the 19th and early 20th centuries and you’re going to have to balance politics and the economy through the Industrial Age. This is going to be one fun building game which we are waiting for a while.

Victoria 3 is a society simulator set in a time of great change. Track the needs and desires of national populations, each group with its own political and material preferences. Conservative factions may resist political reform as growing numbers of tradespeople and intellectuals push for a greater say in how the nation is run. Trade a wide range of goods on a global scale to make sure that needs are met at home, because if people are hungry and disenfranchised, revolution beckons.

The first expansion for Crusader Kings III was revealed. The expansion is called Royal Court and will bring with it a throne room to reflect your majesty, the ability to hold court and communicate with vassals, cultural divergence, hybrid cultures, and a lot more.

The life of a king isn’t all feasting and fighting. The larger the court, the more demands that are placed on the head of a ruler. Vassals and subjects demand audiences, petitions somehow find their way to your throne room, and we haven’t even talked about all the interior decorating. So much fabric. How will you rule your court?

In Crusader Kings III: Royal Court, all of these new challenges confront you, as your courtiers clamor for attention. Royal Court is the first major expansion for Crusader Kings III, Paradox Development Studio’s critically-acclaimed strategy role-playing game about the medieval world. Powerful rulers can establish the kind of court that inspires troubadours, decorating it with relics from family history and favoring subjects with the answers to their many problems.

Empire of Sin is also getting the expansion called Make It Count. This expansion will come with a new boss named Meyer Lansky and his gangsters, “the Fixers.” Fans will be able to enjoy Make It Count later this year when it launches alongside the Precinct update which will add mod support.

Prison Architect is getting its 5th expansion which is called Second Chances on June 16. The expansion brings rehabilitation programs like Animal Therapy and Former Prisoner Classes to the game. On a related note, PSC Games has launched a Kickstarter for Prison Architect: Cardboard County Penitentiary, a board game version of the game.

Stellaris: Console Edition is celebrating its fifth anniversary and announced its fourth expansion pass which will include the Ancient Relics Story and Nemesis Species packs and launch later this year.

Cities Skylines also revealed the Bridges & Piers and Train Stations Content Creator Packs and the Rail Hawk Radio and Sunny Breeze Radio Stations.

You can now pre-order the Surviving Mars vinyl soundtrack from September 9 with a new expansion teased for release in 2021.

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