PARK BEYOND Latest Trailer Highlights Modular Builds

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Putting more stress on the creative aspect of theme park tycoon building and less on keeping it real is Limbic Entertainment and Bandai Namco with their upcoming title Park Beyond. To reveal this a bit more, they released a new trailer that shows a closer look into the modular building aspect and how your freedom-to-build will design an exciting park that would, idealistically, be impossible in the real world.

This unique building ability is being billed as “Impossification,” which gives players complete freedom to create in a world where technology, money, and gravity are no longer insurmountable obstacles. The game features a modular placement system that allows players to tweak rides by manipulating numerous attributes such as inclines, yaw, pitch, roll, and loops. They can further “Impossify” their creations with modules such as cannons that vault riders across chasms or dare-defying ramp jumps that propel them into the sky to give visitors the thrill of a lifetime. With the modular building system, players also have the freedom to customize and design shops, decorations, and facilities as part of building the park of their dreams.

Park Beyond is set to release in 2023 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam.

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