Payday Developers New Game Called GTFO! – Video

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10 Chambers Collective, A Studio which consists of former PAYDAY developers, They revealed their new upcoming game called, GTFO (Don’t ask me what it means).

Ok, I will tell you. The developers tell you to “get the f*** out” right up front and they are not being polite about it. The studio is still being tight-lipped about what GTFO is, but it explains the project as a “four-player hardcore co-op action horror FPS.” How it will all come together as a fun package is still unknown.

10 Chambers announced the name via a short teaser trailer, Check it out below.

The developer isn’t even attempting to make GTFO appeal to vast audiences; instead, it is targeting a specific group of players. As founder Ulf Andersson said in a press release, “10 Chambers is completely self-funded, meaning there is no board of directors that dictates our creative choices. We can go for a more niche audience–so GTFO goes out to the tight-knit, die hard co-op teams of 2-4 people. Technically you can play alone, but really, the world of GTFO is no place for lone wolves and stragglers. They’ll die, lost in the game’s endless maze.”

They didn’t announce the platforms or release date, but 10 Chambers stated that more news will come later in 2017.

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