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A simple web search for the hottest and latest PC game reviews, and you will be bombarded with a flood of endless possibilities of games to play. Unfortunately, unlike popular belief, more results do not necessarily mean better reviews, nor does it mean that it is trustworthy or unbiased. With all the PC review sites out there, it is crucial to find one you can trust. There are many sites out there that offer game reviews, pre-release information, up-to-date game information, tips, and guides. Does a reputable site like this exist? It does! Below we will talk about the sad fact that there are some unrespectable sites out there. We will also discuss what to look for in a PC games review website and one of the best out there for honest reviews and up-to-date gaming information.


Shady Sites Are Out There

As a gamer, you know that every year hundreds of new games hit the market. It is never going to be possible to play all those games. From big MMORPG like World of Warcraft to smaller mobile games like Monster Super League, you would want a site that gives you the information you need to pick the games worth your time and money. There are some great sites and some sites that are not worth the time. There has been a lot of collusion in the industry, undisclosed financial ties, and other breaches in ethics recently in the gaming journalism field. Many sites have also moved away from comprehensive reviews of games. They now only focus on their gameplay or have branched out to the other forms of entertainment review, including television and movies. This shift in focus has harmed the gaming industry and the trust its customers have in its content. Fortunately, there are some great sites out there. They dedicate the bulk of their site to PC games reviews that are thorough, honest, and not influenced by social media, political agendas, or other external factors.


Weeding Out the Weird and Wrong

There are video game developers out there padding the pockets of many of the well-known review sites and authors in the industry. It is sad, but it is true. So how do you make sure the websites you frequent are trustworthy, honest, and not influenced by external sources that do not have your best interest as a PC gamer in mind? You have to do your research. It is crucial to believe the writers are not trying to push you in one direction about a game. A reputable writer will give you both the positives and the negatives of the game. To make an informed decision, you will need all the pros and the cons. Reputable sites will make sure their writers are following strict codes of ethics and providing honest reviews. One of the sites out there that are providing unbiased, honest, and thorough PC games reviews along with game tips, guides, and new game information is Fayiette Gaming.


How Honest Reviews Make All the Difference

Fayiette Gaming is an all-inclusive information source for PC gamers. Fayiette is composed of multiple gamers who play and enjoy games passionately for decades. This is one of the biggest requirements to write unbiased yet comprehensive game reviews. Fayiette’s team strives to publish only reviews that are comprehensive, honest, and unbiased. When you combine these detailed reviews with pre-release game news, up-to-date game information, tips and guides, and featured giveaways, you will have a site that you can trust coming back to again and again. PC game review sites are all over the web. Take your time, do your research and check out sites you can trust. You will end up with a much more enjoyable gaming experience. You spend valuable time and money on your PC games. You deserve accurate and honest information!

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