Pepsi Left The Dream of Dystopian ‘Space Billboard’

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Space Billboard

The permanent cola wars have become positively galactic over the last few days. First, we learned that Coca-Cola is going to a new sci-fi variant cans for the upcoming Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge theme parks. But now Pepsi, ever one to take things to the next radical step to turn outer space itself into its final advertising frontier. Or at least they were thinking about it.

Futurism reported that PepsiCo’s Russian branch was exploring a marketing partnership with startup StartRocket. If you don’t know what that is, here’s the incredibly dystopian pitch. Using small private satellites equipped with Mylar sails to reflect sunlight (as the moon does) in specific logo patterns, StartRocket promises shiny futuristic space billboards to its clients.

Imagine staring up into the night sky and not only are all the stars blocked out by light pollution but you’re also now forced to stare at a huge glowing #brand for some soda called “Adrenaline Rush.” It’s almost a brilliant crystallization of great late capitalism, the next piece of proof that cyberpunk is already here. Even better, the proposed “GameChangers” ad was created to celebrate gamers! Y

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