Perseus Smart Mirror For The Modern Digital Age

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Smart Mirror

Our hands-free smart mirror keeps you connected, in control, and confident every morning.

Key Features:

  • VIDEO – Makeup tips or music videos? EDM or ESPN? The choice is yours with the video streaming feature. You can sync with popular video sharing platforms to get your favorite videos on the mirror.
  • PERSONALIZED DASHBOARD – Emphasis on ‘personalized’ – you can put apps and widgets wherever you want them. The companion app lets you customize the mirror to fit your routine.
  • CAMERA – Use the HD camera to take the perfect selfie, track outfits from day to day, take time-lapse photo collages, or get a 360-degree view of your outfit.
  • COMMUTE WIZARD – Get updates on traffic delays displayed right next to your Google or iCloud calendar.
  • VOICE COMMANDS: Program distinct voice commands to identify users and load different user profiles. Phrases are unique, giving your profile added security.

Smart Mirror


  • Perseus Mirror includes HD audio and video, WiFi and Bluetooth and easily integrates with your phone and computer
  • Patent pending annealed anti-fog glass
  • 2 GHZ quad core processor/2GB Ram
  • Extended range WiFi adapter
  • Integrated Bluetooth 4.0
  • High-quality microphone
  • Speaker
  • Dimensions are approximately 15×22.
  • Frame colors come in: Frosted Gold, Matte Black, Fuchsia and Frosted Copper


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