PET De Lux, Inspired By The Commodore PET 2001

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PET De Lux

Designer Love Hultén created this amazing piece of equipment and it is called the PET De Lux. The PET De Lux is a handmade console which is inspired by the Commodore PET 2001.

PET De Lux

The PET De Lux is handmade from American Walnut, and it comes with two custom wireless controllers which were inspired by the classic TAC-2 joystick.

“The PET 2001 was released by Commodore in 1977 and was the first all-in-one home computer model to hit the market. PET De Lux is a luxurious one-off-a-kind tribute to that computer, handmade from American walnut. And while overall superficialities are kept true to its original heritage(chiclet keyboard and cassette deck included), PET De Lux hosts a modern computer inside, emulating video game systems such as Commodore64, NES and many more.”


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