Phonocut Vinyl Record Recorder Hits The Kickstarter

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Vinyl Record Recorder

Phonocut is a brilliant and smart home vinyl recorder creator that will be launching via Kickstarter soon with preorder limited edition units available from €999. “One of the maybe most important facts about the PHONOCUT is that it allows expanding the classic mixed tape concept and bring it to vinyl. Allowing you to create your very personal real vinyl collections from your virtual playlists.


“PHONOCUT Vinyl Home Recorder presentation and testcut at the brand new studio of our amazing friends from KCRW Radio. Bringing back the good old days when all radio recordings were directly cut and archived on records. Today introducing the PHONOCUT HOME VINYL RECORDER. A simply revolutionary precision machine, to finally introduce a new chapter of record production by reducing it to 3 simple steps: 1) Place the Vinyl blank on the platter, 2) Connect to the music input of your choice, 3) Press the start button”

The Phonocut Kickstarter project will be starting soon and has been showcased at the Making Vinyl show earlier this week. As more information is made available once the crowdfunding campaign begins we will update you, keep in touch.

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