Photorealistic Horror Game THE BEAST INSIDE Hits Kickstarter

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PlayWay’s horror game is now on Kickstarter to raise funds for their new project, it will be a photorealistic horror game, and it is named The Beast Inside.

“best of horror and thriller merged in the multi-layered story of madness and forgotten, horrifying secrets”.

The Kickstarter campaign has almost raised its required CAD $60,000 thanks to over 1,300 backers and is available to back with pledges starting from CAD $25 for early bird backers. The development of the game is in progress and it is expected to be released via Steam during March 2019.

The new horror game features include a complex semi-open world played from a first-person view, the capability to control two protagonists in two different time periods, every item in the game is fully interactive, players will need to communicating with the surrounding to solve physics-based puzzles, decipher codes by looking for clues in old texts, hiding, fighting and running from a wide variety of entities all built on the Unreal Engine 4 to provide realistic graphics.

Head to Kickstarter for a full list of all available pledges, stretch goals and more.

“The Beast Inside offers a gripping new twist on thriller and survival horror genres. Long-buried secrets, personal tragedies and madness spanning more than a century. Story driven game merging horror and thriller. The Beast Inside seamlessly merges survival horror and thriller, offering gripping new twists in both genres.”



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