Pico Projector Hidden Inside a Keyboard

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KiboJet from Sho U. It looks like a standard QWERTY keyboard, but it’s hiding one additional piece of technology inside that thick edge above the function keys. There’s a pico projector inside.

Sho U says it can project a picture that’s at least equivalent to a 21-inch monitor. It tops out at a 33-inch diagonal. Output is rated at 150 lumens — pretty standard for a pico projector. Unlike the OneBoard PRO+, there’s no computer embedded inside the KiboJet. There is, however, an HDMI port, so you can plug one in.

Intel’s Compute Stick is one option, and that’s what Sho U used to run the demo seen here. Since it’s just a standard HDMI input, though, you can project video from just about anything: other small computers like those new Compute Plugs, a smartphone or tablet using Miracast or an MHL cable, or even your gaming rig if you really wanted to.

Sho U told Cnet that the KiboJet’s projector is “full HD,” though they didn’t specify what exactly that means. It’s highly unlikely that they meant 1080p, because 1080p projectors are still fairly pricey. On some sites, you’ll find pico projectors with resolutions as low as 960 x 540 called HD.



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