Pictures of the PS5 Devkit Appeared on Twitter

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PS5 Devkit

A new image of PlayStation 5 devkit made an appearance this time of the real thing — has went up on Twitter. The image, first shared by Twitter user @Alcoholikaust and also reported by Eurogamer, shows two supposed PS5 devkits side by side, each featuring the same V-shaped design we saw in the illustrated images before.

“Yes, this is the PlayStation 5 devkit. The reason it’s huge and v-shaped is to make them more easily stackable for devs who are running many stress tests. The cooling is optimised to push air out of the sides and center.”

There’s no sign that this devkit design will be even remotely similar to the PS5 final design, and in fact history has followed through on that during many past console releases. The Twitter user said in a later tweet that they received the pic from a developer.

The pic also shows a PlayStation controller on top of the kit, although it’s also not clear if that’s a DualShock 4 or the new PS5 controller. At a glance, the handles of the controller appear to be some what thicker, which lines up with what info we’ve seen about the PS5 controller. The text on the devkits’ faces is sadly too blurry to read.

The PlayStation 5 will be released sometime shortly before Christmas 2020. 


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