Pill That Will Make Your Poop Glitter

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Pill That Will Make Your Poop Glitter

After turning your natural gases smell better (Make Your Farts Smell Like Mint With This Underwear Patch) now we present to you a pill that make your poop glitter! Yes, we are all serious, It is a great party trick (Don’t ask what sort of party).

You can watch your poop glitter from all the blood and intestines you spat out. Yep, and you will S*** glitter.

Pooping glitter isn’t that out of the question: Etsy shop proudly sells non-toxic glitter-filled pills, which, if eaten, probably come out the other side as sparkly as they were going in.

Pill That Will Make Your Poop Glitter

The company advises against actually swallowing the pills, claiming that they are for decorative purposes only — and reviewers have conveniently left out any information suggesting they’ve tested the sparkles out on their digestive systems.

But, hypothetically speaking, the pills should effectively spruce up your sh*t.

They even come in a multitude of hues, so you can choose what shade of blue, pink, or gold you want your poo ( I prefer saying S*** but poo is polite pfff) to be.

Do try it on but do keep 911 on speed dial and….. Well, do not eat it. Don’t tell me I have to put caps and bold on for the warning. DO NOT EAT!

Why the hell I am humming, Glitter & Gold by Rebecca Ferguson.


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