Pineapple Bong by Mr. Gray Glass

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Pineapple Bong by Mr. Gray Glass

Grey Space Art is proud to present Mr. Gray, a Humbolt, CA, based artist who specializes in making functional glass art. The pineapple is handshaped from borosilicate glass and features ripe yellows and a light shimmering green that cascades with the leaves upwards until a spout is revealed on the top. There is a hole on the pineapple’s side that reveals it’s hollow center, and where the accessories fit in. This piece is unique and can not be duplicated. It comes with a certificate of authenticity from Grey Space Art, as well as everything pictured; that is one downstem, one dome, and the pictured Pineapple Bong. We at Grey Space Art look forward to providing you the pinnicle of the art scene here on fancy.com and hope to bring this incredible medium to light!

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