Pirate MMO Game ATLAS Launch Trailer is Here

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Pirate-based games such as Sea of Thieves received very by the gamers and now another new title is coming out. Hoping to come up with more entertaining and full of much more adventure is the pirate MMORPG title Atlas. Instinct Games, the developers of the also famous title Ark: Survival Evolved, have joined forces with Grapeshot Games to bring a world that can together hold over 40,000 players in one huge world for continuous action-packed, pirate adventures!

After their first reveal trailer at The Game Awards 2018 we were anticipating to be already traveling the lands within the world, but there was a small delay that pushed the game release date a week further. Check out the reveal trailer:

The range of freedom that will be available for players within just the early access includes: construct custom ships, search for hidden treasure, siege and conquer fortresses, rob traveling merchants and recruit a crew to join your great Armada as you fight in the grand quest for fortune and glory! This is only the start of what could ideally be the best pirate game in recent times.

Atlas is set to officially launch in early access on December 19th via Steam.

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