Pizza Hut Toyota Truck Comes With A Robot In The Kitchen

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Pizza Hut Toyota Truck

Food delivery services are more and more popular with every passing year. Technology and apps made it more popular across the globe and now you can order food with ease. However the more food deliveries we ask for, the more transportation that’s needed. That’s not great for the environment and for our planet.

This is why Pizza Hut and Toyota have joined forces to reveal a concept truck that runs on hydrogen. It’s called the Tundra PIE Pro. The Tundra PIE Pro will come with a robot kitchen in the back, where robotic arms will help make pizzas while on the go. This is the future and super cool concept, I hope to see this truck on my road soon.

It is thought that this could take as little as 6-7 minutes, so your pizzas should deliver at your doorstep when they’re right out of the oven. It doesn’t get fresher and hotter than that. According to Marianne Radley, Chief Brand Officer, Pizza Hut, “Nothing tastes better than a fresh Pizza Hut pizza straight out of the oven. The Tundra PIE Pro brings to life our passion for innovation not just on our menu but in digital and delivery in order to provide the best possible customer experience.”

The Tundra PIE Pro is just a concept for now because a fleet of such trucks can be very expensive to build.



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