Pizza Hut’s New ‘Blockbuster Box’ Box is Best For Watching Movies

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Blockbuster Box

According to The Verge, each ‘Blockbuster Box’ even comes with a separate movie download via QR code. The four different boxes each have a code for a free movie, with can’t-miss titles such as: ‘Slice Night’ (horror), ‘Anchovy Armageddon’ (sci-fi), ‘Hot & Ready’ (romance) and ‘Fully Loaded’ (action).

The Blockbuster Box centers around the special table that comes inside most pizza boxes. The simple plastic table once ensured your pizza didn’t get crushed by a sagging center. Now, it does that and serves as a special lens for a smartphone-powered movie projector.

For now, the Blockbuster Box is only available in Hong Kong. Cross your greasy fingers that it’s a success.


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