PLANET COASTER Console Edition Announcement Trailer

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PLANET COASTER Console Edition

Frontier Developments have just released the game Planet Zoo that lets you manage your own animal-filled attraction park, they have just made an excellent announcement trailer for the beloved Planet Coaster game of theirs. Coming out in the summer of 2020, Planet Coaster will be releasing on both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles!

The awesome part about this release is that all of the new players will get to acquire the benefits of all the advances the game has gone through since it released. So get ready for the latest coaster park simulation game as the award-winning title is drawing everything it has to offer when it hits on to console. That covers all the depth, strategy, and customization options that are on the PC version.

Before you start take out the blueprints to start designing your food empire, white-knuckle intense coaster, and shopping center, be sure to check out the console reveal trailer. With all the excellent aspects of an amusement park being shown off, the trailer is a 2-minute long reminder and to guide as to what you might want to keep in mind when creating your own park.


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