PLANET OF LANA Gameplay Hints To A Great Adventure

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At the Future Games Show, we got a look at gameplay for the upcoming puzzle adventure game Planet of Lana. Thunderful and Wishfully Studios are showing players what this game will hold for them.

Now we can get a good look at the lush green forests and awe-inspiring deserts indicated in previous trailers, as well as give us an intriguing peek at swaps and darkly atmospheric caves.

We see how Lana and her cat friend Mui must work together to deal with the many threats and puzzles in their way, Mui’s power to influence the natural background proving particularly useful on this off-earth odyssey. From dangerous platforming to spindly-legged stalking robots, from cave-dwelling animals to towering monolithic walkers, Lana and Mui have both incredible sights and diversity of risks ahead of them.

Planet of Lana is set to release in 2022 on PC via Steam, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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