Play DUCK HUNT On Modern TV’s With New Hyperkin Light Gun!

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Hyperkin Light Gun

One of the toughest things about being a retro gamer who wants to use smart TV’s is understanding that you will lose compatibility with some games that need a light gun. Due to the way the display handles the signal light guns just don’t work like they would on a regular CRT TV. Hyperkin, however, has planned that the people deserve to play Duck Hunt on their new HDTV’s and has shown the presence of the Hyper Blaster HD for NES. Not much is currently known about this new light gun, which is set for a full reveal later this week at CES, but Hyperkin has revealed these tidbits.

  • Play Duck Hunt for the NES with a light gun on an HDTV (original Duck Hunt cartridge and NES required)
  • Includes special Hyper Blaster HD light gun
  • Includes Hyper Blaster HD Adapter to allow HDTV compatibility

The exciting things to take note of here are that this new light gun will only work on an original NES system and not any of the clone systems that Hyperkin themselves make. HD adapter could allow regular NES Zappers to work on a modern display?. I highly suspect this but I can imagine right! My last problem is if this new light gun will be cooperative with HDMI modded NES systems. This would provide not only the light gun compatible games to be playable but playable in the greatest quality possible!


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