Play the Sci-Fi Adventure Game XEL Now

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XEL is a sci-fi adventure game from developer Tiny Roar and publisher Assemble Entertainment. The game was just released on PC and Nintendo Switch and was made as “a love letter to classic Zelda games and other genre-defining top-down RPGs[.]”

Shipwrecked on an unfamiliar world, players take on the role of Reid, an unexpected heroine to the world she’s stranded on. Devoid of her past memories, Reid must traverse this strange planet, battling enemies and solving puzzling dungeons along the way. Partnered with her sassy companion Chap, Reid must unearth the secrets hiding in this forgotten world and reveal the connection she has to it, or else risk being trapped in the same pattern of destruction she is tasked with ending.

You can play XEL now on Switch and PC (via Steam and GOG) with a special 20% off the price!

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